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We are committed to working with planted and sustainable forests. For this reason, we have implemented a forestry consortium model for the supply of renewable wood, in which we sign agreements for the planned purchase of wood with regional producers.

We offer producers all technical support for environmental licenses, financing, technical advice on planting, forest maintenance and purchase of inputs.

These consortiums guarantee employment and income for countless families of farmers who plant eucalyptus within 36 km of the Placas do Brasil factory.

The technical support offered to the partnering producers includes:

-Development of the project;
-Advice on the affairs of the Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Defense of the state of Espírito Santo (IDAF);
-Advice on the affairs of the banks that operate the ABC Line of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES);
-Monitoring in the implementation and maintenance of the forest;
-Development of the standardization of the best inputs at the lowest costs, billed directly to the producer.

For more information on this consortium model, please contact those in charge of the forestry area of our company.


Any individual or company who owns a rural property within a radius of up to 80 km may enter into a consortium agreement with Placas do Brasil. We select our partner producers through a feasibility analysis carried out by our technical team.

Please contact us to request an assessment.

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