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Rustic Woods | History of Brazil

Rustic Woods tell the history of Brazil through its bold and aged structures, which present small “imperfections” suffered by weathering actions for little more than 500 years. The idea is to count from the Portuguese leaving for colonization of Brazil to the present day, going through great historical facts of our country.

Brazilian Woods | Brazilian Forests

The niche of Brazilian woods brings the essence of the collection. Brazil’s rich forests, tropical woods, regional patterns and great classics used in Brazilian furniture. All the patterns in this line were worked in a nostalgic way, but re-signified and contemporary. Details that enrich any project.

Hybrids | Brazilian Rhythms

Bold and of organic shapes, hybrids are patterns inspired by Brazilian rhythms, bringing a little of the culture, customs and balance of the regions of Brazil. Unique movements and nuances such as biodiversity, portray different lifestyles. Expected and shaped by the force of nature, they create a playful and sophisticated atmosphere with natural elements.

Contemporary Woods | Quilombos and Indigenous tribes

Contemporary woods bring the strength, beauty and intensity of quilombos and indigenous tribes. In this wood niche, we intensified storytelling to bring native Portuguese names. We are inspired by words from the dialect of origins of the first inhabitants and large groups of warriors who fought against the slavery of our country. Valuing the surfaces of textures with a soft touch and pleasant to human sensations.

Unicolores & Fabrics | Brazilian aromas and flavors

The unicolores and fabrics are represented by the typical Brazilian aromas and flavors, which make them even more inviting. Inspired by spices, perfumes of flowers and exotic fruits originating from the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest and other biomes in Brazil. A palette of different colors and cozy patterns that combine versatility and comfort.

Traditional Unicolores